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I am going to do a bigger variance on the introduction post, because my reasons are a little different.

Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
HW: 190
CW: 182/4
STGW: 179
STGW2: 164
LTGW: 150

One month ago, I was working as hard as I could to loose weight not only for myself, but to impress my boyfriend whom I would be visiting on an Army base one month later.

Three weeks ago, I found out that said boyfriend was cheating on me with a 17 year old. Or cheating on her with me, they've been a couple since Octoboer. He feels no remorse or shame for this, nor even offers and apology. I however, have suprisingly healed a lot faster than I thought, because though this came as a complete shock (no warning signs), my self esteem is high enough that he did not ruin my life.

My diet since then has not fallen apart. Though however, tonight I'm trying to make sure I do better than I have been, before old patterns form in again because I'm at the weight I've been at for a long time too...my gain back/quick loss stopping point I'd like to call it. Since I loathe it so.

Ending Date: July 30th.

On August 22nd, my final semester of college starts. On November 11th, I have my senior recital (vocal music major). I will be purchasing the dress for this event between July 30th and August 22nd. I will also not be seeing my family until July 30th either, and I would like to shock them. I would like to be at a stable weight at this point, as low as possible (STGW2). This is where my BMI reaches normal. This summer, I am pretty much on hiatus from seeing anyone I'd recgonize, so I would like to return in the fall FINALLY having lost the weight that has been plaguing me since at least highschool (I'm not really sure where it started to apply, I've always felt huge, but pictures say otherwise).

I currently don't care very much about dating. I am more than fine and plan on being single (I said this last year and dated more than I have total in recent years...) until I graduate in December and move states. I would like to be this low weight when I approach my new life, and leave it with all the petty drama and baggage here to start a new life as an adult.

This post has been to primarily assert myself and remind myself of the big picture.
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