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I hate being on study leave. Before it started, I just thought "Yay - no school!" but I feel guilty if I do things I want to do, and if I spend time exercising, because I should be working, but if I don't do the things I want to do, I usually manage to spend a whole day sitting, eating, doing nothing productive.
Have you ever spend a *whole day* eating?

But today I think I did Ok. I could have easily lives without that peanut butter bagel or those three little pieces of chocolate, but there was no big sin today, and the rest of the food I ate was pretty low G.I. (Peanut butter is low GI, but it's also rediculously fatty)

I didn't exercise today, though, but tomorrow I'm doing at least 40, and possibly 80, minutes of cycling, (in 20 minute bursts throughout the day)
And tomorrow is my last day of exams, so after that I'll be free to exercise more.
I went for a 2 hour walk with my bf, and then 40 minutes of cycling, on Tuesday, but have been lazy since.

I haven't had an opportunity to weigh myself since I hit 142.8 lb. (I'm 5'6)
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