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I cycled LOADS yesterday. It was my last day of term, so I got up at 7 and cycled the 3 ish miles to school, then at 12 I cycled to the shop where I got my skirt, as I wanted to exchange it (FOR A SMALLER SIZE). When I asked the cashier, I was like “Hello, I’d like to exchange this skirt I bought here the other day for a SMALLER size please.” That was about 4 miles from school, then I cycled to my boyfriend’s house, which is just under 1 mile away from the shop, then home from there, about another 3 miles, almost all up hill. I had to stop and walk up the steepest part, which I can usually do, because I was so tired from the day so far and I’m really sluggish and bloated from my period. Plus the heat really takes it out of me.

The day before, I cycled about 80 minutes worth, so I’m guessing it was about 10 miles, as traffic etc tends to make me go slower than I’d like.

The pill may be responsible for a sudden gain of 5 lbs, as I forgot to take one last month, so I had to take 2 packs in a row, without a gap in between for my period, so I’m hoping that the sudden gain was from added water weight. Does it work like that? I really hope that once my period is over, I’ll stop being all heavy and bloated, as I’m going on holiday on Friday. I’m not going to weigh myself until my period’s stopped.

I was watching America’s next top model (Yes, Yes, I know.) And they all had a weigh in. It was THE most depressing thing I have ever seen in my life. They’re all taller than 5’7’, and the heaviest one was about 130 lb. I DREAM of being 135. And they’re all pretty damn skinny anyway. They were practically gasping when the “heavy” one’s weight was read out.

I really want to be one of those cute skinny skater girls. The ones who wear the clothes that fat people could NEVER get away with. My boyfriend took my into this shop that sells clothes like that, and I was just walking round the shop saying to myself “I’ll buy that when I’m thin... And that...”

One of the thing that bugs me about diet communities is that while I’m sitting here, reading them, I’m not out there exercising. I’m just sitting here being lazy. So the other day, I copied my friends page into a word document and printed it out, and put it in my school bag so I’d be able to read it in a spare moment at school.

I’m going on holiday from Friday for a month. I may be able to sneak into an internet cafe briefly, but I’m not going to rely on it. I’ll print all the posts out before I leave, so I can read them in the car on the way there.

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