Make Your EX jealous!

The Never Ending Challenge

lose weight=jaws will drop!
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ever had your heart broken?
are you gonna see your EX anytime soon?
how about in the future?
wouldnt you love to make their jaw drop?
make them wish they would have never said those words to you...
rub it in. make them jealous.feel good about yourself.

rules:be nice,support eachother,show some love
people can use this for friends/support/questions/motivation/you can post pictures of yourself/dream outfitts?/anything/ this is your community as much as it is mine :)

everyone who joins please fill this out

Goal weight for when you see your EX:
ever had your heart broken:
when are u planning on seeing your EX:
what do you plan to get out of this community:
any tips:
something weird about yourself:
what do you want to wear when you see your EX:

Reminder:A-This is a never ending Challenge lol
B-you dont really have to have an ex to join you can have a crush or a bf u want to impress more or just to make yourself feel better!

oh and feel free to advertise this community alllllllll over the place! so we can have loads and loads of people and who doesnt love that ? :)